I think cats and Buddha have a lot to teach us so I wrote this double Tanka poem for Colleen’s poetry challenge.  Isn’t  Lily the cat gorgeous? Just like Shadow the black cat in my book!

I had fun choosing some alternative synonyms for Colleen’s poetry challenge – for Spring I chose Develop, and for Sing – Serenade.


Life Lessons from Buddha: 

Buddha Teaches us

To develop good habits

Time to meditate

Ensconced by a sacred tree

While sweet birds serenade you.


The tree I had in mind is the Bodhi Tree which is a sacred fig tree in Bodh Gaya Bihar, India.


I had fun choosing bound for spring, and extol for sing.


Life Lessons from Cats:

Bound about, stay curious,

Extol trying hard,

Do what’s right for you, RELAX….

Live, love, unconditionally.

Be determined, but have FUN,


Cats teach us to be all of these!!!

Be confident, keep on trying, do whats right for you,  live in the present moment, remain curious, take time to relax, stay determined, love unconditionally.

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