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Thrilled to be a participating author in the next Box Under The Bed Anthology compiled by Dan Alatorre: Spellbound. Editor and Contributing author Robbie Chantree has written a fantastic post about the anthologies, plus there’s a video of her reading one of her stories in the previous anthology: Nightmareland.

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Click the link below to visit Robbie’s page.

Source: A new horror anthology

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Book Review: Nightmareland by Dan Alatorre

Thanks to James Cudney for this fantastic review of Nightmareland #horror #anthology that I’m proud to be one of the contributing authors with my story Scrabble Boy. So many wonderful stories to choose from with lots of my friends too: Robbie Cheadle, Ellen Best and Adele Marie Park plus edited and compiled by Dan Alatorre.

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Yay we are #1 New Release in Horror Anthologies Amazon USA!

I’m convinced a demon possessed me.

I’ve never written horror before… ghost stories yes, but I’m heading into different territory with my short story Scrabble Boy which sounds kind of funny but is dark humour horror! Ha ha….

Do check out, read and review… PLEASE, LOVELY PEEPS… this wonderful collaborative anthology edited and compiled by USA TODAY best selling author Dan Alatorre of 14 awesome authors, including my pals Robbie Cheadle, Adele Marie Park and Ellen Best.

From the creators of the #1 bestseller The Box Under The Bed horror anthology and its #1 bestseller sequel Dark Visions, comes Nightmareland
A horror anthology with 23 stories from 14 authors.

In a rundown shack deep in the woods, a high school girl dares herself to try the strange new drug all the kids are talking about. One injection of “Nightmareland” is all it takes to unleash a person’s biggest fears to them – and then they are on their own! But rebellious Jessica thinks she will prove herself to her peers and parents.
Tremble along as she is strapped into the chair and becomes a lost child on a Florida party island, an investigator looking into a circus’ bizarre side shows, an abused prisoner locked away in a desolate concrete cell, and much more as Jessica faces the most terrifying ride of her young life.
Compiled by USA Today bestselling author Dan Alatorre, this anthology of horror once again unites the minds and pens of more than a dozen amazing authors.

Amazon USA link:

Nightmareland will send you into the foggy twilight of the eerie and macabre, with heart stopping stories from:

USA Today bestselling author Dan Alatorre (The Navigators),
award-winning bestselling author Robbie Cheadle
award-winning bestselling author Ellen Best
award-winning author Kaye Booth
award-winning bestselling author Betty Valentine
award-winning bestselling author Alana Turner
award-winning bestselling author Christine Valentor
award-winning bestselling author Nick Vossen
award-winning bestselling author Alana Turner
award-winning bestselling author Victoria Clapton
award-winning bestselling author AM Andrus
award-winning bestselling author Adele Marie Park
award-winning bestselling author Barbara Anne Helberg
award-winning bestselling author MD Walker
award-winning bestselling author Dabney Farmer
award-winning bestselling author M J Mallon

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Amazon UK Link: https://www.amazon.co.uk/Nightmareland-horror-anthology-stories-authors-ebook/dp/B07ZG3ZXP3/

We’ve had some awesome reviews… One of which is from a Top Contributor on Amazon , a Hall of Fame Top 100 Reviewer and he gave us 5 stars! 

Customer Review

Grady HarpTop Contributor: Children’s Books

October 27, 2019

Author and humorist Dan Alatorre became a first-time dad at the age of 47 – a daughter by the name of Savvy. His comedic debut book ‘Savvy Stories’ tells humorous tales about a loving dad who sees the magic in children, and isn’t a bumbling stooge about changing diapers like some TV sitcom. Dan was born in Ohio, and graduated from the University of South Florida in Tampa, Florida before earning an MBA from Tampa College. Dan, Michele and Savvy live in the Tampa area. Beware! There is a problem with reading Dan Alatorre’s book – Savvy Stories Series: They are addicting. Few writers today have that keen gift for finding the humor in challenging situations and Dan has a secure place at the top of the heap for comedic writing. He knows how youngsters think, and better yet he knows how to appreciate their joyful outlook …and wisdom.

After his many successes in writing humor, Dan turns his attention to the paranormal/ghost/psychic/suspense book genre – and here he succeeds just as well. AN AGEL ON HER SHOULDER and THE NAVIGATORS proved that Dan can not only write fine horror stories but that he also has a wide circle of friends who are successful in the same genre. Dan now offers Book 3 NIGHTMARELAND of his THE BOX UNDER THE BED series in this anthology of horror stories – tales of varying length and subject matter for tingling the spine.

Dan offers three of own stories to the collection and, as editor, welcomes Robbie Cheadle, Ellen Best, Kaye Booth, Betty Valentine, Alana Turner, Christine Valentor, Nick Vossen, Victoria Clapton, AM Andrus, Adele Marie Park, Barbara Anne Helberg, MD Walker, Dabney Farmer, and MJ Mallon. Each offers a fine story guaranteed to satisfy those horror story lovers!

Every year about this time it is advised to pull out this box under the bed. Even in relating horror stories Dan retains his consummate gift of humor. A fine collection, this. Grady Harp, October 19


And… I’m thrilled to get a mention in this review…

Customer Review


November 2, 2019

I’m writing this review through my Step-Dad’s account because I couldn’t post it on my own for some reason.

I would like to start off by letting future readers know that there’s a suicide that takes place in the story The Path to Atonement by Robbie Cheadle, which as a whole, I enjoyed besides the fact.

When you especially have a horror story, letting the reader begin to bond with the characters is a big part of how the events in the story will affect the reader.

Put that on top of having a short horror story where you – for the most part – need to be instantly dropped into the middle of the climax to wrap the story up quickly. This can make it difficult to grow attached to the characters involved, and leave you feeling distant once the story ends. This causes the stories to be either a hit or miss.

Which, is what I felt most of these stories were. Although, the hits greatly outnumbered the misses in this case. I found myself greatly enjoying quite a number of these short stories including; Nightmareland + it’s continuation Concessions by Dan Alatorre, The Haunting of Carol’s Woods by Kaye Booth, Final Curtain by Betty Valentine, The Siren + Drift Away, both by Alana Turner, Serpent Eye + The Barghest O’ Litlington both by Nick Vossen, Alice Investigates by Adele Marie Park, The Assignments by Barbara Anne Helberg, Ghastly Science by MD Walker, Why Can’t Murdered People Hold Their Breath on TV? by Dabney Farmer, and finally Scrabble Boy by M J Mallon.

While other stories intrigued me, the stories that were misses weren’t bad. They just mainly needed the chance to be fleshed out more.

This anthology has a multitude of genres that you can read, from gore, to supernatural, to psychological horror, you name it. It’s a fun read especially if you’re like me and you enjoy horror at any time of day.

Thanks Bob, (whoever you might be,) for taking the time to read and review! Reviews are like gold dust to authors.


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