Tanka Tuesday #sun #sea #rock #photography #poetry #challenge #Portimão: Rocks With Faces and a Crocodile!

The prompt this week is a photo challenge see above truck on beach from Terri at: https://secondwindleisure.com/about-me/

To concentrate on visual imagery and use the words, sun, sand and sea…

Rocks With Faces

Sun sand and sea rocks!

Creates faces to enjoy!

Close up they transform

Think its eerie that they do?

Let me share them all with you!

Rocks With Faces And Meet The Eerie Man!

(Freeform Poem.)

A playful rock whale surfaces,
Begging me, begging me,
Grab my make believe barnacles!


Salty tears fill a dinasaur’s eye,
Chiselled by years of unrelenting tide, Turbulent tears for all eternity.


Faraway a sailing boat glides along,
Unaware of the sharp nosed man,
His watery beard, lips lapping salt.


On the shore, a rugged cat grimaces,
His itch begs a scratch, But his stone face has no purr.


Close up the cat transforms,

Becoming a lonesome bunny,

Lost without his magician.

In front, a pyramid points to the heavens,
Upon it a sunbathing iquana stretches,
Its long tail delivering a zigzag crack.

I glance up,
an eerie mouth gapes,
its ragged jaw yelling danger.

My husband wades back.
He jumps in making waves,
And the water rushes in.

The tide creeps closer,
Pummelling the rock again,
Creating new faces.


A Crocodile At The Beach

Who is this fellow?

Stay back! Don’t dare come closer!

Phew, he isn’t real!


The above crocodile was an artistic piece of work. Looked very realistic!

To enter Colleen’s challenge:

#TankaTuesday Weekly #Poetry Challenge No. 328, 7/11/23

Some photos of the beach and me! Yes I do love the beach!

All photos and poetry copyright ©️ M J Mallon, except for Terri’s image of truck on beach.


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Travel Diary May 2023: Portimão #Portugal #Algarve #travel #photography #beach #nightsout

This is my new feature, my photo travel diary, some of which will be in Portugal. We have a few trips planned, first off a short weekend away in Portimão, May 2023. 😎

As you can see Portimão has the most wonderful beach! Beautiful sand and rock formations. Absolutely stunning. And from here you can take lots of spectacular boat trips which we have done in the past and loved.

In the evening, we discovered a fantastic restaurant – ended up being our favourite. Lots of Portuguese cuisine, fish, plus good old lamb chops! All very tasty. The restaurant is aptly named Vinhos & Comidas, wine and food. Caught hubbies eye as he likes his vinhos!

A walk along the strip – of bars and evening entertainment took us to Santa Catarina castle fortress constructed in 1641. The fortress was built to protect from Spanish pirates and moors. From here, there are a lots of steps down to the marina. It’s worth taking a stroll to have a look. It’s low season at the moment, so the marina was quiet, most of the action and more frequented places to eat were around the strip.

It was more challenging going back up all the steps, especially after a few vinhos! But we made it.


The rock formations on the beach are stunning, the one below reminded me of a cat! Plus there was a dinosaur head, or a sharp nosed man, a whale, and a screaming man… that’s writers for you we see inspiration everywhere!

Miaow! 🐈 😻 🐈‍⬛️
A 🦕 🦖 🐲 dinosaur head? Or from the vantage of the sea perhaps a sharp nosed man with a high forehead?
A cute smiley whale? 🐳
At the top can you see the screaming 😱 man? Eerie…
Forget the rock creatures.
A laze on the sand perhaps?


Here’s hubby posing below by the rocks…

And me.

And a change of clothes

Green is my favourite colour!


Fancy a Portuguese galao coffee… and a sea view? Don’t mind if I do…

It’s a great place for a weekend away. And a good spot for young people to enjoy the nightlife. Having said that, hubby and I did have a couple of late nights. The last of which began with his…”Shall we have one more drink?”

Oh, we should have known! This is reminiscent of our last trip to Lagos where a similar thing happened.

This time, in Portimão, we ended dancing at a pub, The Irish Rover, until the early hours with three lasses from Manchester who kept getting us up to dance to a very good rock tribute band.

Manchester girls really know how to party!

Oh, to be young again! We needed a day to recover…

We had a quiet last evening… kept on bumping into the Manchester lasses but didn’t dare go back to the rock pub… Instead, we lived dangerously and came across this fellow down at the beach.

Luckily he wasn’t real. A croc ceated by a local artist!


Farewell Portimão, some evening photos taken over two nights to say goodbye!

One last thing to note, the area we stayed in is built up with lots of high rise hotels/Apartments compared to the quieter area of Tavira where we stay part of the year.

This is our view from the Portimão apartment, Flor Da Rocha, which was well equipped and comfortable and had everything you’d need for a stay including a pool and a gym. Not an overly quiet option but this is a party town!

It is good to explore different parts of Portugal!

Rock on!

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