My Friday Favourite White Versus Iridescent Peacock

peacock-386304_640 Contrary to popular belief the White Peacock is my Friday Favourite image from I’m standing up for the understated proud bearing of the White Peacock. Very unique. The guy below is doing his best to make him feel a bit like a delicate bundle of suspended cotton wool, appealing  in a fluffy sort of way, but is the iridescent peacock stealing all of the attention? Mr Colourful.  Come on, white’s cool too.   Huh Mr Show Off!


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8 thoughts on “My Friday Favourite White Versus Iridescent Peacock

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  1. Peacocks are annoying… Think the white-one looks gorgeous!
    My undergrad campus had peacocks and peahens (part of a students Senior project) and… oh man they were vicious… known to occasionally block entry to the dorms.

  2. Yes, the white one is gorgeous. Wow, your experience sounds a bit like geese. My mum’s family kept geese and she was often frightened when she came back from school as they were very fierce!

  3. They are both beautiful. There is beauty in diversity. Thank you for sharing this lovely white peacock which I had not seen before!

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