Colleen’s Weekly #Poetry Challenge # 38 – FAIRY & MAGIC

Today, my husband and I had a grisly conversation about death… not exactly a cheery morning chit chat but I thought if I have to go one day and no doubt I will…. this is how I’d like to imagine it… Not some black, bleak, meaningless end.  No, I’d like a supernatural being to visit me. No vampires please unless you are so handsome and your final bite is worth it! Perhaps a magnificent unicorn to carry me far away on some incredible adventure, or a mermaid to take me swimming in some exotic land… Wait a minute…. What about many supernatural beings, (except zombies – they don’t rock my boat!) plus the delicate kindness of the fairies to see me off?…. Now, that sounds perfect!




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Bye for now, time for a bit of fun! Life is short, enjoy every moment.




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  1. Loved your poem Marje, and yes you are right, Life is for living and very short in the scheme of things.. And my hubby and I had that conversation some time ago.. lol.. And told our children too.. No morbid music, but a celebration of life ..
    My sister who came close to a brush with death when 36 with cancer who is now 20 years cancer free, has let every one know she wants every one to come in fancy dress to her funeral.. lol.. Yes dancing with death changes perspectives and gives you the Will to Enjoy LIVING..
    Wishing you and your hubby a wonderful Long long life of making happy memories.. ❤ xxx Hugs Sue

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  2. Very imaginative Marje, no-one knows so its great to be creative about the big moment. Recently my father died at 5.00 am on the morning of his 100th birthday, now that took a bit of planning.

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  3. Marje! Your poem is beautiful. I love it! As a Buddhist, I like to think that Nirvana is found by reincarnating into a fairy being protecting the natural world on our earth. Not earthbound – but ethereal. It’s like giving back for the wonderful life we experience. Hugs to you, my sweet friend. ❤

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  4. Your description of those final moments had me both smiling and yes sighing. Ah to be carried off by fairies …. I actually did have a NDE and in all seriousness it was THE most beautiful Moment of my life. Unfortunately no fairies were seen. But LOVE was very present. Beautiful poem, Marje. ☺️💝

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