How to Use Canva in Your Writing

Great tips for using Canva to create great stunning graphics reblogged from Worddreams.

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  1. This sounds a very helpful tool for writers. However I would add that I believe you cannot discount the need for graphic design skills. If one is presented with a vast number of options for fonts, colours and styles, then this is where art and design talents come in. I have just paid a young graphic designer (a university friend of my daughter’s) to create a beautiful professional logo and banner for me. My daughter has graphic design skills herself, with a degree in creative media, and she has created banners for me using the software she has on her Mac. Neveretheless I feel sure many writers reading this blog will be delighted to know that the software is available for them to use, at such low cost.

    1. Yes, my daughter is a keen photographer/media studies student so I will be using some of her photography, video skills in marketing my debut book. Canva is a great tool to use on blog posts. I use it regularly for my micropoetry posts, and for headers such as author spotlights.

  2. I should try these things properly and not give up at the first hurdle. She makes it sound so simple but the phrase ‘once you know what you are doing’ is lurking in there.

    1. I use if often particularly to house my micropoetry in a nice design format. I’ve also used it for author spotlights, etc. Once you’ve mastered the basics it tends to be addictive! It really is pretty easy to use Mary, hope you give it a whirl.

  3. Thank you for this info Marje…I’m always interested in tools that can assist with presentation so I’ve saved the link 🙂

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