Grafitti Murals – Montreal Canada


20190518_112617.jpgI’m just back from a lovely holiday with my two daughters in Montreal.

Everywhere I looked there appeared to be Grafitti murals on the streets. Being a big fan of Graffiti murals I thought I’d share them with you.

See the one above? It’s the very first mural I saw on my holiday situated near our Airbnb in Laurier.

Eerie isn’t it?

Here are some of the other ones I came across…  The girl in the mural below looks sad too…


I like how the next mural blends in with it surroundings. The real flowers joining the painted flowers in an unusual way! We stopped in this area for a coffee at Cafe Olympico.


The next one’s kind of exotic. But those bushes really need cutting back! We’re missing out on the bottom part of the mural in Quartier Latin.


This is also in the Quartier Latin. Very bright and vibrant like this area of Montreal.


Then here’s one from Mont-Royal



If you are planning on visiting Montreal and would like to find out more about their street art check out this post:

Have you visited Montreal? What are you waiting for…





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22 thoughts on “Grafitti Murals – Montreal Canada

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  1. Lovely! I visited Montreal about 15 years ago, but I’m ashamed to say I didn’t notice the stunning murals in your post. Perhaps they weren’t there?

    1. Thank you Luccia. I’m not sure how long they have been there. But you couldn’t have missed them as they are everywhere. Apparently there are many more that I never had a chance to see. Perhaps one day I will go back and see them again. Definitely one of the many highlights of my trip. 🙂

  2. Amazing street talent and the artists blends it well with the surroundings. Nice share and an glad you had fun with your daughters, spending time and catching up.

  3. I like the Montreal murals. One time I saw a mural that school children did with their stick figures and inappropriately sized fish and blue bugs and pink buildings. I loved it!

  4. Glad you enjoyed your holiday Marje. The street art looks amazing. I visited Montreal very briefly about 25 years ago. We went on to Ottawa then Newfoundland before camping north of Toronto. Canada is amazing.

    1. Are you in Toronto Debby? We did consider going there for a day trip but didn’t make it. The girls had various things they wanted to do and that gobbled up the time and the money!

  5. Wow! Marje, that must have been an amazing and special trip with your two girls! What did they enjoy most? The murals are fantastic and wonderfully creative … did you see any being created? I wonder if graffiti murals is a ‘thing’ in Canada as there is a blogger who I follow and she is ‘dedicated to showcasing & documenting Graffiti Art and Murals in Toronto and Winnipeg.’ Her site is at I never fail to be awed by the artistic ability of the images! The city becomes an art gallery! Have you ‘landed’ yet, settling back to the routine of normal life?

    1. Hi Annika. We enjoyed everything. The food was amazing. It was lovely to do ‘girly stuff’ together too. We’re back home now. Only had a week which wasn’t long enough would have loved to spend more time seeing all the sights. But I will be sharing some of our highlights on my blog. The graffiti art was amazing. Yes I’ve come across graffiti lux murals – lovely blog. 🙂

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