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We travelled to Coimbra on 2nd June, a Portuguese city on our bucket list for some time. It is a lovely city with a traditional and friendly feel. Not too big and not too small! 😊

Here are some photos…

What a sunset!

There are a lot of stairs and steep paths! The photo below doesn’t give a true perspective of the steepness. You just have to trust me that it was mega steep. Escadas de Quinchorro. Phew! That poor unsuspecting chap just happened to be climbing the stairs when I took his photograph.

It left me breathless too!

Sunday 4th June 2023 we went to the University and the Botanical Gardens which are located high up! So don’t forget your walking shoes. There is a bus though…

Here I am at the entrance to the gardens, looking happy as I do love to visit botanical gardens!

One of the first things I spotted was a green parrot-like bird 🦜 eating a fruit. Sadly, he was so camouflaged, it was impossible to see him in the photo below. He was eating a small red fruit!

I love trees and nature, so this was a real treat for me. There are trees galore, some extraordinary ones! This Jacaranda is reaching up to the skies via an escape hatch in the cafe.

This Cedrus Deodara had a plaque in remembrance to poet and novelist Rui Costa: ‘He combined his interest in Literature with a taste for Law, graduating in this area from the University of Coimbra (1996) and practicing law for six years, in Lisbon and London.’
My favourite trees were the Australian Bayan which were simply stunning!
Australian Bayan

Their roots are something else! Spectacular.

And the bamboo forest is huge too… that’s my hubby and he is 6ft 1…

The chapel… São Bento, nature has been allowed to create a kind of neglected, camaflagued look.

There’s a lot we didn’t see but I’m sure we will be back. If you are a huge tree lover, like I am you will love it!

Ticket Price

Free, but I think there is a charge for the glasshouses.

Opening Hour

Winter: 9am-17:30 Summer: 9am-20:00

Recommended Visit Duration

Around 1 hour or more


Next up a day trip to Aveiro, Portugal…


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    1. It is a lovely place. We are touring around but always come back to the Algarve. The beaches here are so amazing! Coimbra was a lovely getaway for a few days, Debby. 😀

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