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‘Beautiful and uplifting’ Davina McCall

‘So inspiring, so heartfelt … the way Donna writes is beyond beautiful.’ Lisa Snowdon

Uplifting inspiration from the Sunday Times bestselling author of I Wish I Knew

Wild Hope is Donna Ashworth’s powerful new collection of wisdom to help us find hope, peace, self-acceptance and inspiration on the days we feel worn down, helpless or sad. Written with love and understanding, Donna reminds us that amidst our daily struggles and constant outpourings of bad news we have so much to hope for, and that every one of us can play a part, big or small, in making the world a better place.

With poems such as ‘That Thing You Do’, ‘Through the Wringer’ and ‘Rope Ladder’, Donna helps us to remember that most people in this world are good, and that acts of kindness and love within our individual spheres of influence, however small, all contribute to a better future. She also gently guides us, no matter how busy or overburdened we may be, to practice better self-care and self-acceptance.

Hope exists when nothing else can. On the darkest of days Wild Hope will help you find more light.

My review

Wild Hope leaves no hopeful stone unturned! There are so many poems in this collection and each one is so special. Donna’s poetry is simple to understand, and relatable. The considered topics are dear to my heart, such as: mother and daughter love, being proud of you, living life to the full, seizing each day, being who you are and living with nature, and the moon and the planets. Finding joy in the simple but memorable moments of life. There is an abundance of positivity, love, compassion, understanding and humour in this collection. At a time when we all need a boost so much!

It’s the kind of poetry you could dip into whenever you feel the need. Or if, perhaps you are going through a particularly difficult time. The poems on grief, women and growing older were positive, and illuminating. I’m sure they would be a much needed anchor to those in need.

This is a real mood booster would highly recommend!

Thank you to the author and Netgalley for a copy which I read freely. All opinions are my own.

My rating 5 🌟

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  1. Thanks for sharing your thoughts and recommendation, Marje. The book sounds wonderful and its positive wisdom would be welcome. Congrats to Donna on the wonderful review.

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