New Review! The Hedge Witch & The Musical Poet #forest #nature #poetry #review #thankyou @BalroopShado

Thank you so much to fellow author and poet Balroop Singh for this lovely review of The Hedge Witch. So delighted with her 5 star review!

The Hedge Witch & The Musical Poet is a marvelous collection of stories and poems that have been inspired from personal experiences of Mallon. Many characters in this book have a magical connection with Mother Nature.The compassion of the robin, the deer, the willow tree and the girl in the forest has been beautifully captured in ‘The Hedge Witch & The Musical Poet.’ In sharp contrast is ‘The Network of Trees,’ which highlights the apathy of people toward the forests, as “new houses are needed, so we must make way!”

‘Rock of Mine’ and Chester, Don & I evoke lovely memories of childhood. ‘Let’s Play’ makes a subtle appeal to children to come back to the forest to play in the natural surroundings. M.J. has a knack of telling stories through wonderful imagery and poetry.

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